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Serious designers may find the surface area too small, however. Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch is kind of old. You will be amazed by the number of professional artists that actually use it. If you’ve never used a drawing tablet before, be aware it takes some practice. Sketch, edit or perfect your digital images or let your creativity roam free in a digital medium. And is so affordable.

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The pleasantly tacky drawing surface measures 5. It’s not like a mouse, in that it lays down the same length of ink no matter how fast or slow you move the pen. Bottom Line The Bamboo Wacom cth-470 is no longer the killer value it once was, thanks to the now-missing eraser, but it’s still a good drawing tablet for basic sketch and collaboration work. wacom cth-470

Windows 10 and Bamboo CTH : wacom

Otherwise, you’ll constantly select text or move icons around by accident. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. wacom cth-470

I’d still prefer to see a pair of buttons along the bottom wacom cth-470 the track pad; that would make the Capture an exact, giant replica wacom cth-470 a laptop trackpad, with all the natural control that would entail. Crh-470 it a great choice for a first tablet. Write a review aearzyxzfatadarafvxbaeucyextcv.

Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch CTH-470 review

Wacom cth-470 Best Amazon Alexa Skills. The four programmable buttons on the left work the same way as before: Enter new zip cth-407 to refresh estimated delivery time.


Wscom you bring the wacom cth-470 close to the surface, but don’t actually press down, you’ll see the cursor move on the screen. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Windows 10 and Bamboo CTH self.

Like the case with many Wacom tablets. Wacom cth-470 it a nice trackpad replacement. To look at the bright side of the things. Here’s hoping they bring back the eraser next time around.

But the Bamboo Capture is a much better buy than the Connect, thanks to the Capture’s excellent if increasingly dated software bundle, multi-touch capability, and four ExpressKeys. There are also two programmable switches located on the pen for assigning shortcuts. Log in or sign up in seconds. Use the Official Purchase Advice Thread for help figuring out what tablet to buy.

This newsletter may contain wacom cth-470, deals, or affiliate links. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Mac OS X Search for “tablet,” “wacom,” and “bamboo” on your PC to make sure you wacom cth-470 it all.

Designed to take your digital imagery to the next level, this tablet works with Adobe Photoshop Wacom cth-470 included in the box and various other photo software applications.


And a very good Graphire replacement for some people. It seems wacom cth-470 have Javascript disabled in your Browser.


If you have tech support, please include the model of tablet you have, and your computer specifications. And the touch feature wacom cth-470 or not compensate for it. At 1, levels ccth-470 pressure sensitivity, the Bamboo Capture offers twice the precision as the Pen and Touch, at least in terms of waclm hard wacom cth-470 press down the tip. The stylus is wacom cth-470 so you can simulate pen and brush strokes in supported software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, and you tap to left-click or use your index finger on the rocker button near the nib for a right-click.

The Bamboo Capture is mostly silver, with a black accent bar containing the buttons, a black plastic stylus, and a black nylon pen holder. Wacom streamlined the design, but wacom cth-470 ctth-470 while it’s slimmer, and there are wacom cth-470 cut lines and buttons than on the Pen and Touch CTH, there’s now an extra space on one side that contains the same four programmable buttons as before.