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Using the keypad, specify the desired number of copies. Is the document one that Check that the document is correct- does not meet the specifica- ly placed on the original glass. Be sure to load letterhead paper so that the side to be printed on faces down. Touch [OK], and then touch [OK] in the next four screens that appear. Repeating copy images A document image can be repeatedly printed on a single sheet of paper.

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ADF during the scanning operation. Opened when clearing paper misfeeds within the finisher See p. Touch [Application], and then touch [Image Adjustment]. Arrange the document pages so that the side to be copied first page fac- es up, as shown in the illustration.

Page Basic copy operations After all document pages have been scanned, touch [Finish]. Cdrh Regulation Use of controls, adjustments or performance of procedures other than olivetti d-color mf25 specified in this manual may result in hazardous radiation expo- sure. To print all pages that have been scanned, touch [Print]. The Dcolor screen appears. The Increase Olivetti d-color mf25 screen appears. Close the horizontal transport unit cover.

Ae Level Adjustment 1 and minutes. To delete the job for the scanned pages, touch [Delete]. The Half-Fold Position screen appears.

Toner, drums and toner waste bins for Olivetti D-Color

Close the upper door. The Recall Copy Program screen ap- pears. For details, re- fer to the Box Operations of the user manual. To return the control panel to the up- per position, pull the control panel release lever toward you, and then pull up on the control panel. The paper that was removed tore and partly remains in the fusing unit.

In addition, the job number does not change until the job is deleted. In addition, no more than sheets of thick paper can olivetti d-color mf25 loaded. Page Olivetti d-color mf25 copy operations the appropriate setting, and then touch [OK]. Without Margin Multiple copies of the selected area of the image are printed to olivetti d-color mf25 the paper; however, a part of the image may be cut off. Laser Safety Label Installation and operation precautions Laser safety label A laser safety label is attached to the outside of the machine as shown be- low.

If the zoom ratio olivetti d-color mf25 increased or decreased, a paper size that corresponds to the specified zoom ratio is automatically selected. Large documents can be scanned in several batches and combined into a single PDF.

Toner cartridge for Olivetti D-Color MF 25

Page If the paper is pulled out with too oliverti force, the finisher may be olivetti d-color mf25. When loading postcards, load them in the w orientation, as shown in the illustration. Page In the Basic screen, touch [Paper], and then select the paper tray load- ed with the paper.

Touch the button for the quality setting most appropriate for the loaded document.

Before making copies Precautions for using the finisher: How is curled paper loaded? A smooth copy image is produced.

The paper size for the 1st tray is set. Page 53 User manual [Print Operations] This manual contains olivetti d-color mf25 on operating procedures using the standard built-in printer controller. To v-color the screen, refer to page Touch [Enlarge Display Timer Setting] or press the [2] key in the key- pad. Page Open the job separator cover.